iineo+ Mașină de plantat componente SMT


The new iineo+ is a highly specified machine , configured with new design, new RC 5.16 platform software and integrated electrical tester. It delivers a step-change in value for production-wide management, process refinement and user accessibility.

iineo+ offers a proven technologically advanced pack supplied at a commercially attractive level.




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RC 5.16


RC 5.16 is the latest version of the Europlacer graphical
user interface, featuring a wider touch-screen monitor
to facilitate fast and easy navigation across the graphical




• Microsoft® Windows® 10 64-bit OS
• Clear Graphical User Interface for ease of operation
• Multi core management to speed up vision analysis, program placement optimisation and internal communication
• Embedded Jedec Tray library capability
• Enhanced Package Library:
  • Display non-optimal package settings with option to override
  • Exact shape representation for different device types (segmented, flip chip, etc.)
  • Display and adjust position of pin 1 on each package
  • New special analysis mode for difficult devices
• Electrical test wizard, with picking and placing test interface
• Server/Client management of databases to reduce traffic on the user network, resulting in higher communication speeds and support for multiple machine installations - up to 9 machines per line
• Enhanced analysis of multi leaded or balled devices using high resolution fixed camera
• Online documentation




Europlacer’s integrated component tester is an essential option for manufacturers operating in high specification fields, such as automotive, military, medical or aviation. The tester can be independently calibrated against all internationally recognised standards and standards institutes. Dynamic testing during component placement guarantees the statutory performance required when working on demanding applications. Europlacer’s electrical test head is mounted inside the machine structure, without compromising any platform resources or the feeder count. The head comprises a four-wire Kelvin-connected LCR measuring bridge linked to a flexible circuit test pad. This is where the machine places the components to be measured between the pick and place actions.



iineo+ offers two proven technologically
advanced packs supplied at a commercially
attractive level


Follow Me System by INTEON







An upgrade pack that bundles Europlacer’s Total Traceability and PROMON options to take 1D and 2D traceability to a new level. Track Pack also adds an auto width conveyor, programming station and microterminal.



A high-integrity ESD upgrade pack that extends the standard ESD compliance beyond the board transport and pick & place mechanisms to the entire iineo+ platform.



Total Traceability lets users integrate full traceability into the production process. This intelligent system provides comprehensive data logging for component-level build traceability, generating data for every board produced. The PCB camera reads board codes while the intelligent feeders hold batch data. The archive can be processed by PROMON production monitoring software or exported for traceability analysis. Based on product identification, the system also permits automatic program loading to streamline changeover.




Serving as a production ‘dashboard’ for Europlacer machines, PROMON provides an easy-to-use single source of production management data. It continually collects and stores all production data from a machine, a single line, or multiple lines, with Live Mode allowing real-time viewing and local or remote analysis. Statistical Mode can analyse data over a specified period. With quantity data needed for management and reporting, and performance data instrumental in optimising productivity, PROMON is an ideal tool to analyse and search traceability data.