ALD7120 i3D Offline AOI

ALD7120 i3D Offline AOI


  • i3D technology
  • Extremely low FA rate, high FPY, and no escapes
  • 100% inspection coverage
  • Ideal for inspecting 0201 and 01005
  • components, 0.3 mm pitch
  • Fast and accurate inspection
  • Shadow-free, warpage-free solution,
  • insensitive to board color
  • Fast programming, intuitive user interface
  • Effective quality verification
  • Process control for defect prevention
  • High MTBF, low maintenance cost


The ALD7120 is the offline AOI system specifically designed for small and medium size
SMT shops, as well as being able to provide prototype inspection in large factories. As all
other members of ALD family, the ALD7120 AOI includes state of the art i3D technology, a
high-speed camera and a multidirectional lighting module. The system has a small
footprint, works very quietly, can be integrated easily and is suitable for use in production
as well as in the lab. At the same time ALD7120 is the full-scale AOI machine and it delivers
100% coverage high-speed inspection with no escapes and a very low false alarm rate.

The ALD7120 can be used in different kinds of applications, such as TH component
inspection, glue pad contamination and more. Component marking and color inspection
is part of the standard tests for all components on the board.

The ALD7120 does not require any hardware modification in order to switch between the
reflow, pre-reflow, wave or glue applications. Together with the ALeader FAI application
ALD7120 gives a perfect solution for the first item inspection process. In the same manner
as all the ALD models, the ALD7120 has a vast range of capabilities and is designed to
overcome all PCB inspection challenges, including: shadows, various component colors,
transparency, board warpage and many more. The system also offers support to offline
programming and debugging.

Features such as integrated barcode reading, various traceability options and software
process controls are also available. The repair station delivers a clear image of the defect
and a good sample, which allows fast verification and prevents operator errors.

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