T50 4K Sistem de inspecţie optica

Best live image with 4K/60FPS

TAGARNO is proud to present T50, the first digital
microscope using Sony ISS’ new 4K block camera

Why 4K/60FPS is important for your inspections?

T50 displays a truely live, near zero latency image with 4K/60 frames per second (FPS), providing a comfortable user experience by removing disorienting effects that can be felt when using lower frame rate cameras. The T50 provides a natural, through- the-eyepieces feel, normally associated with traditional eyepiece based microscope systems but with all of the benefits that come with a full TAGARNO digital microscope, including software capabilities.

Providing superior image quality and user experience

T50 can detect if your sample is no longer in focus and will automatically readjust itself to the right working height. This combined with the built-in vibration reduction features not only creates a user experience never before seen within digital microscopy. The T50 also actively ensures that your samples are always in focus, no matter where or how you’re using it, to give you the best possible images.

Tagarno T50 4K broshure