Productronica 2019

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Productronica 2019

Visit our Partners and InterElectronic at Productronica 2019 between 12th - 15th November

ALeader Europe   booth  A2.244

Full 3D AOI, i3D AOI, SPI, in-line and off-line models

EBSO GmbH   booth  A4.119
Automated Selective Soldering machines, Forming-bending machines

Europlacer - Speedprint  booth  A2.461
High-tech automatic pick&place machines, automatic stencil printers

Göpel Electronic GmbH  booth  A2.506
In-line full 3D AXI, Full 3D AOI, 2D AOI, SPI, in-line and off-line models

HIT Co.   booth A2.461
Automatic stencil printers even for 1500mm long boards

TAGARNO A.S.   booth  A4.345
Digital video microscopes

X-Treme Series Dry   booth A2.335
Drying cabinets

Viking ESD   booth  A1.221
Antistatic workbenches