ASH Acumen AI

Digital Camera with Artificial Intelligence

Industry Benefits

Medical Device & Pharma

Patient safety is paramount. The Acumen AI will eliminate errors while inspecting critical parts such as syringes, needles, catheters, vials, balloons and stents. Generate reports to improve the manufacturing process. Increase throughput while significantly saving inspection costs.

Precision Engineering

Identifying defective parts is crucial when it comes to micro componentry. Acumen AI is ideal for identifying, labelling, classifying and counting multiple components at the same time. This results in a significant saving in material waste, cost and can double your production throughput efficiency.

Aerospace & Automotive

The Acumen AI delivers significant improvement in the performance of inspection tasks in both aerospace and automotive industries. Critical components such as turbine blades, gaskets, seals, engine parts can be inspected in a matter of milliseconds.


Technical Specifications

Zoom Range (with supplied +5 lens)

2.2x – 122x
Operating Temperature Operating: 5 Celcius – 40 Celcius. Storage: -10 Celsius – 60 Celcius
Camera 1920 x 1080 Resolution 60fps
Image Capture Internal Image Capture 16gb. Optional Removable USB.
Monitor Connections HDMI/DVI
Power 24W
Monitor Requirements HD Ready or Full HD (Recommended)
Dimensions 216mm x 125mm x 136mm
Input/Output HDMI Out USB 2.0 (Port x 4). Mini USB. IO (Port x3). DC Power Jack (24V)
Weight 1.75Kg