GL Spectis 1.0 Touch Spectrometer


A variety of applications and the user friendly interface make this instrument the world’s first intelligent “smart” spectrometer.

GL Optic’s GL Spectis 1.0 Touch is the first mobile spectrometer using an Android-based operating system which offers the latest communication technologies. This unique device offers improved functionality and many new features. The GL Spectis 1.0 Touch integrates the performance of a high-end spectroradiometer into a handheld, intuitive, touch screen device.




Android system

Our portable measurement instrument provides reliable results and lasting performance using the world's most powerful mobile platform. Today Android is the operating system that powers over 1 bilion smartphones and tablets. The solution guarantees up-to-date technology solutions and on-going support to the benefit of the end user.

Measurement head - The standard diffusor 

GL Optic spectrometers are predominantly designed and preconfigured for light measurement. Therefore they always include a cosine corrected measurement head – the standard diffusor. The B class cosine corrected measurement head is a standard accessory allowing for the proper measurement of light from the 180° (2 Pi) hemisphere above the sensor, according to Lambert’s Cosine Law.

Touch screen display 

The instrument does not require a computer to take measurements and immediately shows critical data on the color touch screen. Navigation is very simple and the following parameters can be easily displayed: 
• full spectral profile i.e. Spectral Power Distribution 
• chromaticity charts according to CIE standards 
• color coordinates 
• all lighting parameters like CCT, CRI and the individual R1 – R 14 indices 
• color peak values.

Micro SD

Thousands of light measurements are automatically saved on the 4GB micro SD card included. The system creates a library of folders containing measurement data stored in separate files. The naming system can easily be changed to help the user gain easy access to the saved measurements. Moreover, the data can be transferred directly to a computer from the micro SD card.

Automatic accessory detection 

GL SPECTIS 1.0 touch possesses a unique mechanism to detect which optical probe has been attached and automatically uses the correct calibration file for that accessory. This enables the user to confidently avoid measuring errors when changing accessory interfaces. The calibration meets the requirements of leading standards institutes and is confirmed with a manufacturer’s certification.

Dark current compensation 

Despite the fact that this is not a cooled detector instrument, the GL SPECTIS 1.0 touch is ready to provide very accurate measurements in different conditions. A temperature sensor installed on the electronic board monitors changes in temperature and automatically compensates for any change of black level, providing excellent measurement stability.

Trigger socket 

For advanced applications, you can use the trigger in/out socket which enables synchronization of the unit with external systems. For example, the signal from the socket can trigger the flash of a tested lamp during measurements.

Universal mount 

The GL SPECTIS 1.0 touch works as a field application instrument but you can also easily use it for more complex measurement setups. Each unit is equipped with a universal mount featuring a standardized ¼” BSW thread size used for camera mounts. This mount enables you to place your instrument on a tripod or laboratory optical bench, as well as in a production setting.

Photometric and radiometric calibration 

An absolute spectral calibration is integrated into each spectrometer before delivery thereby enabling the accurate measurement of various absolute values such as Lux, Candela and Lumen together with radiometric values depending on the measurement accessory installed.


If you are looking for reliable, precise and intuitively operated spectral instrument for light assessment, our state-of-the-art light measuring tool GL SPEC TIS 1.0 touch is the best answer to all your spectral light measurement needs.

Now not only experts can obtain dependable light measurement data – our preconfigured, individually calibrated measurement instruments deliver fast and precise results, and the included software is intuitive and easy to navigate. If you need to measure: 


  • Lux – illumination value
  • Lumen – the luminous flux
  • CRI – color rendering index according to CIE
  • CCT – correlated color temperature according to CIE standard
  • COLOR – color coordinates according to CIE 1931 and CIE 1964
  • mWatt – radiant power value

and much more… … our highly portable and precise GL SPEC TIS 1.0 touch is a perfect solution.


Spectral range 340-750nm / 640-1100nm
Detector CMOS image sensor
Numer of pixels 256
Physical resolution ~ 1.7nm / ~ 1.8nm
Wavelength reproducibility 0.5nm
Integration time 5ms to 100s
A/D conversion 16 bits
Signal to noise ratio 1000:1
Stray light 2*10E-3
Spectroradiometric accuracy 4%
Measurement uncertainty of color coordinates (x.y) 0.0015



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